Beijing Becomes Giant Fortress For Olympics segunda-feira, ago 4 2008 

Will it be that that fortress will avoid the attacks? The attack of last Sunday takes to believe that not.
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Olympic Committee Strips 2000 US Relay Team Of Gold Medals sábado, ago 2 2008 

Again, in the Olympic Games of 2000 the drugs obscured the sport. How will it be in Beijing?
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Oil Profits Shatter Records sábado, ago 2 2008 

Petroleum is still even the best of the economic segments. Unhappily, for behind of that enterprise there is, almost always, the shade of the war.
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Ice On Mars Confirmed By Phoenix Lander sexta-feira, ago 1 2008 

That yes it is a good news: there is ice in Mars.
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The Hill’s 10 Most Beautiful People Of Capitol Hill (SLIDESHOW) sexta-feira, ago 1 2008 

Oh, very good. They are all same one very beautiful. If they lose the employment, they can already work in the movies or in the world of the fashion.
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Total Solar Eclipse Images From Around The World (PHOTOS) sexta-feira, ago 1 2008 

Eclipses are always an excellent opportunity to produce good pictures.
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Damn You Obama For Being So Cool! sexta-feira, ago 1 2008 

As well as Britney Spears, I am also with Obama!
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Beauty is Always Good! quinta-feira, jul 31 2008 

Models present creations by Colombian designer Nelly Rojas during Colombia Moda Fashion Show in Medellin July 30, 2008.

Welcome! quinta-feira, jul 31 2008 

In this space inherent subjects will be approached to the world politics, mainly in what he/she says respect to the woman. Parallelly, here also it will be my laboratory, in which I will exercise a little the English language.


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